Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast

Ep. 126 - The two times Josh hated powerlifting.

January 25, 2023 Josh Rohr & Lara Sturm Episode 126
Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast
Ep. 126 - The two times Josh hated powerlifting.
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Episode 126 (1/25/23) -

Deadline to run for GA State Chair - Jan 28
Deadline to sign up for our training app for only $1.00 is Jan 28

Special Olympics South East Powerlifting Meet : Jan 28
Atlanta Marriott Northwest (Marietta, GA)

Times Josh hated powerlifting.

Powerlifting Drama

Pro Series - Meet Format/Schedule in the United States

  • Raw Full Power
  • Equipped Full Power
  • Bench Only
  • Masters Etc.

Top 5 Driving Songs
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PL Situation: You are signed up for the Masters of Iron at the Arnold, but are thinking of dropping out. Strategically, if your goal is to get to the 2023 Masters Pro Series Finals, is this a big deal?

New Lifter Tip: When you are new, don’t be afraid to ask questions if something isn’t clear. 

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Special Olympics Meet
Times Josh hated powerlifting
Powerlifting Drama
Pro Series Schedule
Top 5 Driving Songs
P L Situation
New Lifter Tip