Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast

Ep. 80 - 50 Shades

February 16, 2022 Josh Rohr & Lara Sturm Episode 80
Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast
Ep. 80 - 50 Shades
Show Notes

Episode 80 (2/16/22)

Richard Seymour  - Elected to Pro FB HOF

Club Affiliation Clarification: P. 2 of the USA Powerlifting Rulebook (under “club/team affiliation”)
Each lifter may represent only one local/state team and/or one national championship team of his or her choice during the registration year. 
Lifters may be members of both a national championship team and a local/state team at the same time. 
A lifter may not change team affiliations in the middle of the registration year. 
Changes in club/team affiliations may only be made during the registration for the next year.

Xavier Richardson - Did his first meet on Saturday to qualify for Military Nationals in Atlanta, GA
        9/9/155 Squat (341)/105 Bench (231)/212.5 Deadlift (468)
        472.5 Total (1042) in the 82.5 kg Class

Georgia State Meet Preview:
Saturday AM Session (8:00am start)
Serena Thomas/Gretchen Patsios/Ashley Hanna/April Gadsby/Olivia Vilella/
Jenna Weinstein/Amy Pancake/Alicia Webb
Saturday PM Session (3pm Start)
Dmitry Lampe/Wesley Toler
Sunday AM Session (8:00am Start)
Chris Weitzen/Nathan Booker/William Ruff/
Matthew Martin/Ballard Childs/Rex Polly/Jenson Taylor
Sunday PM Session (3:00pm Start)
John Lampe/Cordell Estrada

Next Top 5 Movie Soundtracks?
Top 5 Movie Soundtracks - Deadline Extended!
Submit via google form (Link in Bio of @plballadspodcast) 

Your PR Squat is 195 kg, Current State Record is 200 kg
Your PR Bench is 127.5 kg Current State Record is 132.5 kg
Your PR Deadlift is 240 kg, Current State Record is 250 kg.
The current state record total is 575 kg. The qualifying total for Nationals is 570 kg.
Your goals/priorities are 1st to qualify for Nationals and 2nd to break as many state records as possible. Training has been going well. You feel like you have added ~5 kg to each of your lifts since last meet. You opened at 177.5 kg and just squatted 190 kg for your 2nd attempt. It moved well, but felt heavier than expected. What do you put on for your 3rd attempt Squat and why?

Attend Early Equipment Check (if offered).
Not every meet offers this, but many meets will offer early equipment check the night before the meet. This gives you an opportunity to get your rack heights, check your bodyweight on the official meet scale (not actually weigh-in) and get all of your equipment checked by the referees. Getting these things done ahead of time will save time/stress the morning of the meet.

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