Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast

Ep. 84 - Sam Calhoun

March 16, 2022 Josh Rohr with Guest Sam Calhoun Episode 84
Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast
Ep. 84 - Sam Calhoun
Show Notes

Episode 84 (3/16/22) - Sam Calhoun

Introductions: Sam Calhoun

  • 3x USAPL National Champion
  • 2x IPF Worlds Silver Medalist
  • Currently holds 67.5 kg American Record Total
  • Coaches in person at the Iron Asylum in Virginia and does Online Coaching 



Sam’s Original Post

  • Listener submitted scenario:
    •  I have a  wry experienced lifter (long time barbell and wrestling athlete) who has competed twice before.
    • 10 minutes prior to his session the lifter mis- placed his cell phone and has some anxiety  about being to find it and stay in contact with his wife. We search the warm up room and all of our gear bags but to no avail. We press forward with warm ups and head back to the tunnel to await our first squat. 
    • As a coach I tell him, we will find the phone  By all accounts he was primed and ready physically to go off for a big meet. 
    • Unfortunately what happened next wrecked the day. One of the National Level referees comes back into the tunnel and goes on a rant about how no white lights were being given out for squats this morning and how no lifter is getting remotely close to parallel much less to adequate depth and warns us (3 lifters out) that if we have questionable depth, we better make sure we push it further. 
    • As a coach I hear that as some guy giving advice, but for the lifter that was a major point of concern and he began to question his depth which ultimately led to him altering his form  creating an 0/3 bomb on squats due to compromised form and a lost cell phone. This then translated to bench where the mental disconnect is continued and we went 0/3. 
    • My question ultimately comes in two forms, how do you handle this situation as 1.) An Athlete/Competitor and 2.) As a Coach. .
  • #PLSituation: The meet director of a meet you are competing in decides to bring in a band instead of a playlist.  They ask each lifter for input of which band to bring in. It can be any band from any era. What band would you choose to play at your meet and why? 

  • #NewLifterTip 
    • You've
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