Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast

Ep. 87 - You'll do WHAT!?!?

April 06, 2022 Josh Rohr & Lara Sturm Episode 87
Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast
Ep. 87 - You'll do WHAT!?!?
Show Notes

Episode 87 (4/6/22)
What is your worst meet day experience?
When can we have a beardless Rohr back?
Josh Rohr doesn’t mind being beardless in this post but refuses to shave. When will the madness end?

Top 5 Movie Soundtracks - #1 Choice

PL Situation 
Nationals are in 10 weeks. Before you can sign up, you get a call from your sister. There is a family reunion on the same day you would lift at Nationals. The city/state where the family reunion is being held has a local meet the day after. Many of your family have never seen you compete.  Do you do Nationals or the local meet after the Family Reunion?

New LifterTip
Have your warm-up attempts written out before you start warming up. Discuss them with your handler/coach ahead of time. This will allow for near perfect timing of your warmups and significantly less stressful warmup experience that doesn't feel rushed. Agree or Disagree?

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