Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast

Ep. 90 - Why I became a USA Powerlifting Referee

April 27, 2022 Cindi Jaeger & Amy Pancake with Guests Hope and Josh Rohr Episode 90
Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast
Ep. 90 - Why I became a USA Powerlifting Referee
Show Notes

Episode 90 (4/27/22) 

Cindi Jaeger and Amy Pancake, State Referees, start off by talking what made them decide to become a referee and their experiences with such.
They also discuss their experiences with in-person coaching and virtual coaching and how it differs.

Voting Results:  Round 3
Dawn will face Cameron for the Win in Top 5 Movie Soundtracks
Final Voting will take place on Sunday, May 1.

 PL Situation 
There are 14 lifters in your flight. When you go to start warming up, you see that the warm-up options are 2 squat stands that are not real stable and one ER Rack with Kilo Plates to warmup on. There are 10 other lifters around the ER Rack. Where do you warm up?

New Lifter Tip
Train with referee commands.  You have to wait for them in a meet, therefore practice waiting for them in training. Agree or disagree?

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