Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast

Ep. 100 - The #5 TV Intro's, World Records and Josh goes to the ER

July 20, 2022 Josh Rohr & Lara Sturm Episode 100
Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast
Ep. 100 - The #5 TV Intro's, World Records and Josh goes to the ER
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Episode 100 (7/20/22)

Episode 100 - 2 year mark!

PL Situation:
You drove 4 hours and just arrived to early equipment check at 7pm. When you get there you realize you forgot your belt and squat shoes at home. Weigh-ins are at 7am. Do you drive home to get them? Borrow someone else's? What do you do?

Storytime with Josh

USA Powerlifting Events in 3 Countries outside of the US
Australia (9 sanctioned meets)
Australian Nationals & Australian International Open Dec 3-4, 2022
Press Release
Top 2 in each weight class receive a pro card.
Hong Kong (1 sanctioned meet)
Korea (1 sanctioned meet)

USA Powerlifting World Records

Top 5 TV Intro Songs
The #5 Song
How tournament works
Winner of tournament gets a $50 gift card to 100 Percent

New Lifter Tip:
Double check what flight you are in after weigh-ins close. Based on other lifters missing weight, it could affect what flight you are in. Double check so that you are sure to warm up at the correct time. Agree or Disagree?

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Powerlifting Situation
Storytime with Josh
USAPL International Meets
USAPL World Records
Contest: Top 5 TV intro - #5
New Lifter Tip