Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast

Ep. 74 - Siraj Saeed - Truborn Rookie Rumble Preview

January 05, 2022 Josh Rohr with guest Siraj Saeed Episode 74
Powerlifting & Power Ballads Podcast
Ep. 74 - Siraj Saeed - Truborn Rookie Rumble Preview
Show Notes

Episode 74 (1/5/22) - Siraj Saeed - Truborn Rookie Rumble

  • Introductions :

  • Siraj Saeed:
    • Owner of Truborn Strong
    • Truborn Rookie Rumble Preview:
      • Sunday, Jan 9 @ No Excuses Crossfit in Suwanee, GA
  • Q&A: (listener submitted questions)
    • Do you think lifters that aren’t elects or pro will get lost in the USAPL shuffle?
  • New Georgia Meets:
    • 4/30/22 - USA Powerlifting Georgia Ladies of Iron - Lawrenceville, GA
    •  5/21/22 - USA Powerlifting Savannah Showdown - Savannah, GA
    • 7/30/22 - USA Powerlifting Atlanta Open - Atlanta, GA
  • PLSituation 
    • You are coaching a brand new lifter in their first meet. They are 8/8 on the day. You call 150 kg for their 3rd deadlift, which would be 5 kg under their training PR. The primary goal was to go 9/9 and have a great first meet experience. Looking at the scoreboard, if you bump up to 157.5 kg, that would be enough to earn the bronze medal out of 10 lifters in the weight class.
      • Do you make a change or stay at 150 kg?
  • NewLifterTip 
    • Yes, it's a new year but that "new year feel" will fade. The good news is every single day is a new day. Don't lose sight of that opportunity!

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